Masterbatches Fluorescent

masterbatches fluorescent


No Product Name/Type Heat Resistance °C APPLICATION
      Food Contact Heavy Metal Free Outdoor
1 MB FL BLUE 21 270
2 MB FL GREEN 41 280
3 MB FL ORANGE 31 280
4 MB FL ORANGE 91 280
5 MB FL PINK 91 280
6 MB FL PINK 81 280
7 MB FL PINK 55 280
8 MB FL PURPLE 91 200
9 MB FL RED 01 280
10 MB FL YELLOW 31 280

The above data sheet is to the best of our knowledgement. Our masterbatches colouring plastic offered in good faith, but without guarante, as conditions and methode of utilitazation of our product are beyond our control. We recommend that the prospective user determine tha suitability of our materials before adopting them on a commercial scale.

√ = Recommended
□ = Not Recommended
Form: Granules or pellet
Packaging: 25 Kilograms Zak/Paper Bag
Dosage use: 1-2 phr (per hundred resin)
Knowledge of our plastic masterbatches is Food Contact Approval, Heavy Metal Free, Outdoor application or not and Heat Resistance specification

Food Contact Approval
Product recommended because the materials used in the product conform to food regulation.

Heavy Metal Free
Product recommended because the materials used in the product conform to EN 71-3:1994 regulation. This masterbatches produces a range of Heavy Metal FREE masterbatches to meet the most stringent international regulatory standards. This masterbatches suitable for colouring thermoplastic, polyolefins, engineering polymers and engineering resins plastic.

Heat Resistance
Heat resistance indicates the maximum temperature (in °C) at which a change of color occurs no greater than rating 4 on ISO 105 AO2 1-5 gray scale, up to dwell time of 5 minutes in the barrel of an injection moulding or extrusion.

Outdoor Application
Product recommended for use in outdoor plastic products.

Flourescent Masterbatches
This is pigments brightness colour masterbatches for thermoplastic applications